Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to School Idea #1--QR Code

Thanks to Mrs. Penna, over at Fantastic Fifth Grade, for giving me this cool idea!!  Every year, at Open House, I pass out a magnet to each parent with my contact information for them to take home and put on their refrigerator.  All I do is take a big smiley face image, then put all of my contact info in a text box, print, cut, laminate, and stick magnetic tape on the back!  Viola!  My contact info at your fingertips!  BUT.....Hold on....I'm plowing full speed ahead into the 21st century....This year, I'm going to offer two options:  1.  The smiley magnet for the fridge.(plain and simple)  2.  The Jump Scan magnet (techno dreamy). What's cool about the Jump Scan magnet?  Well, just scan and click on all the options:  e-mail, call, or go to my website...directly from your smart phone!  Woohoo!

While I was cruisin' the net, I also found this website that will let you create free QR Code Business Cards.  Click here to go to the site, then click QR Code Business Cards up on the top of the page in the blue.  There is a free tutorial here.  It'll even turn it into a pdf for your printing pleasure!  :)  Sweet!  Maybe I'll offer all three.  This last one lets you even save the contact in your phone.  Hmmmm.  All you parents out there, which option would you prefer?

P.S.  Try both of my QR codes, they work!!

P.S.S.  Don't try calling me...I put in a Hollywood number!  LOL 

Scan on.


  1. Definitely trying this. We have such a problem with parents not getting involved, anything to make our classrooms for more open is helpful.

    Teaching in an Organized Mess

  2. I love my class website QR codes! I saw an idea on Pinterest to put up a QR code outside the classroom door that links to the class website. I went to VistaPrint and made a poster with mine! Here's the post with a photo:

  3. I put a qr code on my welcome poster and on the brochures for parents. I love it!

    Inside this Book

  4. Thank you for this terrific idea, I created one for my welcome letter to the students, my parent letter and for parent night. So excited to use this great idea!
    Star teacher5

  5. I love the magnet idea! It's a great way to ensure they don't lose your contact information with the thousands of papers that get sent home!