Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fake Texts in the Classroom

I was over at Honey Bunch Blog Design checking out their latest Blog Makeovers and I came across Charlotte, a promising new blogger, at Fabulous 5th Grade Fun.  Her latest post is about fake texts and how to use them in the classroom.  How cute?  I can see myself using this in the classroom as a quick formative assessment for their independent reading.  I could also see myself handing out review questions and having the kids create a conversation answering the questions.  Oh, or I might pair the kids up and let them make a fake text about whatever they want (appropriate, of course) and then have them write it using dialogue.  Hmmmmm.  There are endless possibilities!  Head over to Fabulous 5th Grade Fun to see how she might implement "fake texts" in her classroom.  Do any of you out in blogger land have any suggestions on how to use this educationally?  Leave a comment and share!

Text on.


  1. I heard about the fake text site at a workshop in June. I was thinking about using it to practice correcting grammatical mistakes. This would make practicing using proper grammar a lot more interesting. Students could also use it after reading a book. Students could select two characters and write a conversation they possibly could have had. Or it could have also be used for social studies. What would a text conversation between Thomas Jefferson and George Washington have been during the American Revolution? Just some suggestions.

    I will definitely be using this tool this school year.


  2. I love this idea! Now, just to figure out how to incorporate it in a math classroom...

    Katie @ Sixth Grade Scribbles

    1. Hey Katie! You could definitely use word problems! Or like Charlotte said in her post, you could have an operation sign talk to another. You could also have them remind each other how to to do certain order of operations or have them do a vocab activity! Endless opportunities! :)

  3. This is such a wonderful idea! My 4th graders would love this and it would really get them thinking about their reading and writing.