Monday, April 16, 2012

Peeps Show

Another successful year of 5th Grade Family Book Club down! We went out with a bang!  This one was my favorite yet! We read the book Phantom Tollbooth.  Based on the Washington Post's Yearly Peep Show, each family was asked to create a diorama of their favorite setting in the book (if you have read the book, you know there are MANY).  We provided them with boxes, paper, and peeps.  We were missing a couple of families this week, but what we got was really cute.  Check them out:
This is AWESOME!  Such great detail...and check out the shirt!!
Milo and Tock driving into the Market Place

Our next activity after going over our "Peeps Show"?  THE LORAX!!! Kayla and Briana read the story to everyone. 

THEN, we went on a field trip to the Regal Theater to watch the movie!  It was soooo much fun! 

Kids in the back of the theater...luckily we had the place to ourselves!

Teachers in the front row!

All of us in front of "The Lorax" sign.  Such a great time!  :)

Have I mentioned how much fun tonight's 5th Grade Book Club was?  I definitely recommend doing a "Peeps Show"!  The kids and families loved it! 

In honor of The Lorax...
Grow on.


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