Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack! Class Dojo

I've been gone for quite some time.  Did you notice?  I promised myself and my friends that I wouldn't let my school life, Pinterest life, or blog life get in my way of Spring Break!  I packed up Bailey the Super Dog and headed down to Charleston to visit a friend for the week.  Ahhhhhh, Charleston!  One of my many happy places.  I'll save you all the details of my trip, but I did want to share with you something I learned while visiting a small bar on Folley Beach.  Yes, you read that right...I received something to share with y'all from the CUTE, male bartender at Snapper Jacks.  Who knew? Didn't see that one coming.  LOL

Class Dojo (click here for link
Apparently, the bartender's girlfriend is a teacher and he says she swears by it!  I sent myself an email from my phone that night and checked it out as soon as I got back. It's pretty darned sweet!  It's a behavior program that allows each student in your room to have their own avatar. Points are rewarded or taken away in real time while displayed on a whiteboard (or not for that matter).  You can customize what and how many behaviors you want for your own classroom.  Have a smartphone?  Carry your phone around and update the behaviors as you monitor the students...from the  PHONE!!!  I LOVE IT!!!    I've done some more research on the program and here is a great blog that gives good details about the program.  Cool Blog  Here is a video for those of you who are more visual learners (me!).

I think this may be my newest obsession!  :) I was super bummed about coming back to real life, but this little program has fired me up and gotten me ready to conquer the last part of the year.  If you already use this in your classroom, leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I want to know how you use it.  What do you love about it?  What do you not like about it?  I'm definitely starting this on Tuesday when I return. 

Monitor on.


  1. This looks so awesome! I teach 5th grade in Henrico (in Richmond). I set up my class and will begin as soon as we get back from break! GREAT share!

  2. Hi - Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog post - the whole team here really appreciates your support! Also I can safely say this is the best "How I first heard of ClassDojo" story we've heard so far haha!

    If anyone who comes across this post has any questions for the ClassDojo team or needs help getting set up, please let us know: Also, some teachers have been nice enough to write blog posts for us about how they use ClassDojo and the effect it has had in their class - you can read them here:


  3. I have been wanting to start this up in my classroom, but I don't have a smart board and I don't think I can leave my projector on all day... plus, my projector is on a table (not hanging from the ceiling), so it shoots the bright beam of light across the front of my classroom whenever it is on. Ugh! I am hoping to be able to figure something out though so I can start using it! Another teacher I know uses it and loves it!

    Lessons with Laughter

  4. I used this for awhile, but found that my kids got tired of it pretty quickly. I really liked the system, but it didn't work for my kids. I would definitely recommend having them earn points for something of "value" like a class party, extra recess, computer time, etc. I'd like to use this again next year, but I'd definitely set up some goals for the kids to work towards!

  5. Wow! What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Are you on for a game of tag?! I tagged you on my blog and have questions waiting!

    Jen at

  6. I absolutely love this program so far. I have only used it once during centers and the kids responded well to it. I plan to continue to use it for the remainder of the year. What I also love is you can continue to track their behavior when you are not in the classroom, such as the library by your phone. I did this on the day I implemented it and the kids were anxious to get back to the classroom from the library to see their points. We'll see how it goes for the remaining 4 weeks.

  7. I ADORE it and have gotten bunches of teachers at my school to try it, all of whom love it. It made the last month of school last year a dream. You know those weeks where you feel like you're herding cats? GONE. I agree with the poster above who said a reward system would help. I do this, but I think it's something I will need to switch up to keep it interesting. The way I'm using it is that we start fresh each week. On Fridays, the kids get one gold coin for every 10 points they have earned across the week. Then, they can use their coins to buy things from my "menu" (no homework slip, lunch with the teacher, sit in my chair all day, etc.) I also keep a record of "extra" point so that they aren't lost--for example, a student who has 67 points doesn't lose the 7 points. They carry over and are added to their total the following week. My kids are so motivated it's crazy. In order to make it meaningful, I have spent time reminding them that while the reward is nice, the points are evidence of their maturity and good choices, which means more learning. I've also used the pie graphs you can generate to discuss strengths and needs both individually and as a class.

    I think that the 2 ways I will mix it up are varying the rewards on the menu and altering the behaviors (positive and negative). As the year goes on. Right now they're very discrete --hallway behavior, inside voice, raising hand) and I'd like to move to broader behaviors like "good choice/bad choice" as they become more independent and mature. It has made a huge difference in the management of my class--love it.

  8. I used class dojo in a Kindergarten classroom and it is amazing! I took it a step further though, because I felt like the point system was enough for the little ones. I also had reward eggs. If they earned 8 or more green points they got to pick an egg. If they earned 2 or more red points, no matter the amount of green, they did not get an egg. If this behavior continued they would write a note home to their parents. The reward eggs included free prizes such as: teacher for the day, extra computer time, bring a stuffed animal in for a day, wear a hat, no shoes, etc. The kids BEGGED for the reward eggs, and freaked out whenever class dojo came on, but in a good way. In fact, they now have a randomized point system. If everyone is on their best behavior I will do a random point. They go nuts over the random point!

  9. I found Class Dojo this summer and I can't wait to use it. I teach fifth grade and our team intends to tie it to lunch room rewards. We have a "silent table" in the cafeteria and if they have less than 70% by lunch (12:50) then they eat there. On Friday whoever has a culminating 70% or above for the week, will be allowed to eat anywhere in the cafeteria with their friends. Monday through Thursday they have assigned seat so this will be a reward. We intend to try it with other positive rewards as the year progresses.

  10. I'd like to weigh in as a parent of a 5th grader whose class just began using dojo 1 1/2 weeks ago. I won't mince words---I'm a hater. Perhaps this would be more useful in earlier grades--but the way it's being used currently there are only 2-3 behaviors recorded each day. So the percentage of red to green (ie bad to good) behavior is unwinnable. Other parents (5) in this class have all begun talking to each other about this and feel the same way. Our boys are A or A/B students--but we have all been riding our sons behinds about 'talking in the hallway' infractions that make the overall picture look bad. I can see where this might be cute and motivating at a kindergarten-2nd grade level--but it is not working at 5th grade. I'm no longer paying attention to these 'alerts' daily the way I look at daily grades & conduct online.