Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kaboom! Freebie

Saturday morning.  Catching up on DVR homework (Desperate Housewives currently) and blogging with coffee and quiet.  Ahhhh!

Today's topic is one of my kids' all time favorite games.  Kaboom is a game that I learned from my mom many, many years ago.  It's simple, fun, and you NEVER know who is going to win.  Click here for my oceanography example, here for my 9 times table example, and 2-9 Times Table Review.  This game can be used in centers, small group, or whole class.  You, of course, can erase the questions that I have put in there and make your own.  It's great for content review! It can be tweaked however you like.  If you want to get really crazy, you can add in a couple extra smiley face and frowny face kabooms!  I have seen lower grade teachers use sight words, math facts, etc.  I'll be making a bunch of these games over the next few weeks and posting them for FREE to my TPT store.  Follow me there and check them out!  :)

Here are the directions:

Players:  3 to 8
Answer keeper

Materials Needed: 
Kaboom cards
Kaboom answer key
Container or bag (Pringles cans are ideal)

1.      Pull one question card out of the container. 
2.     Read the number and question out loud.  The Answer Keeper will be following along as you read. 
3.     Answer the question.  If you answer the question correctly you keep the card and pass the container to your right.  If you answer incorrectly, you put the strip back into the container and pass the container to your right.  The Answer Keeper determines whether the answer is correct or incorrect.
4.       If you pull a smiley face Kaboom card, pick one student who has cards. You now get the opportunity to steal that student's cards.  How do you steal cards?  Have the student you chose read his/her cards aloud one at a time.  You must answer ALL of their cards to be able to steal any.    (If no one has any cards, you may choose one more card from the container and attempt to answer it)
5.     If you pull a frowny face Kaboom card, you must throw all of your cards back into the container and your turn is over. 

The winner is whoever has the most cards when the teacher tells you the time is up!

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