Sunday, March 11, 2012

My First Giveaway and Mr. Stick

Holy Cow!  I've gotten over 10,000 hits to my page.  Why is this so incredible?  Well, just last month I had fewer than 100.  The day I put up my "Posting Plurals" blog, it went mad on Pinterest!  If you really have looked at my blog, you see that I started in August of last year.  I blogged once, did my About Me page, created a Teacher Resources page and that was it.  I had maybe 10 views, and I'd say probably six were from me and 4 from my mom!  :)  No motivation to keep going.  Then in January, I decided to make a comeback....and come back I did!  You all have kept me motivated to keep posting (along with my teacher intern being in my classroom full time and doing all of my hard work...sorry Lauren!)! Rather than waiting until I had 100 followers, I decided to do a giveaway with the 54 good and loyal followers that I have now. ***Thank you to all of you who have mentioned me in your blogs!  You all have helped make this all possible!  <hugs>

So here goes nothin'...

 I'm a huge fan of the program WritingFix.  As I have said before, this is my first year REALLY teaching writing, and I have gotten a lot of ideas from this site.  Of course I have taught it every year, but never well, and never as a top priority.  (I know...shame on me)  This site has a ton of writing lessons!  If you don't know about it already, you need to know about Mr. Stick.  Mr. Stick has changed my life as a writing teacher.  I have always had a hard time getting my kids to love "writing" but getting them to love Mr. problem!   Corbett Harrison is the man.  Go over to Writing Fix and read about Mr. Stick in detail.  I have, of course, tweaked it to work for my kids, and they love it.  My artists love drawing the backgrounds to scenes; my non-artists love that all that have to do is draw a stick figure.  We do the lessons in our notebooks, and then I often have them recopy them for the hallway.  Here are a couple of examples of our verb tenses Mr. Stick:

Sealed with a kiss!

This one cracks me up the most because this seems to be about me and my husband!! 

I'm offering two books:


There is one way  to enter:

Become or already be a follower and mention 5thGradeRocks, 5thGradeRules (with my link) on your blog, facebook page, twitter, or pin something to Pinterest. Leave me a comment with the URL and your email or blog page link so I know how to contact to you if you are the big winner! :)  Each one you do is a separate entry.

Good luck!

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  3. I'm so excited to find another 5th grade teacher who blogs!! I'm a new follower!

  4. i'm a follower and mentioned your lovely blog on mine! come over to receive your award :o)

  5. :) hard work but still very enjoyable! I'm learning so much and cannot wait to apply everything to my own classroom next school year.

    Peace, Love, and No. 2 Pencils

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  12. I too am teaching 5th/6th grade writing this year. Thank you for the heads up on WritingFix. I look forward to our own tales of "Mr. Stick."