Sunday, March 18, 2012

VIP, St. Patty, & Linky

Super Sassy and Super Sporty
The writing test is over, but we were still celebrating this past Friday.  Each grade level at our school encourages the students to take their time and use all of their test taking strategies.  The teachers walk around and glance to see if the highlighters are being used, the wrong answers are being crossed out, and notes are being made to the side of each problem.  After the test is over, we each choose one boy and one girl from our class to be showcased in the spotlight.  This idea stemmed from our third grade team, who created an SOL(Standards of Learning) King and Queen.

 Last year, in fourth grade, we had a Super Sassy (the girl) and Super Sporty (the boy).  We dressed them up and made a big was quite the affair. All of the teachers in the school knew why they were dressed up and stopped to congratulate them.  Well, now they are big, mature fifth graders and dressing up foolishly is just NOT OKAY.  We had to come up with something.  We are a uniform school and the kids HATE dressing in uniforms.  So, what better idea than to dress down!  With a little help from our art teacher and  permission from our principal we were in business.  Our art teacher made us these awesome lanyards and the kids were able to dress in whatever they wanted (we did have to clarify that it had to be appropriate for school). Here are two of my hard, hard workers:

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Also, on Friday, we finished up our Leprechauns.  I completely stole this idea off of one of the bloggers (I don't remember who and if this was your idea, or you know whose it was, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due).  We tweaked it just a smidge.  The had to make a leprechaun and have it say something in a speech bubble and then write what the leprechaun said underneath in quotations.  Check them out...they are A-DORABLE!  :)
Here is my example.  LOL

I love gold too! 

Check out those lips!  :)

This is my favorite leprechaun!

Our awesome fifth grade team...we always dress up for every holiday.  I love these people!

One last thing.  You can't ever have too many Linky Partyies going on.  Head over to Math Coaches Corner to link your blog by grade level. 

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