Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality!

TESTING IS OVER...until May when we start testing reading, math, and science.  This is my first year testing writing and let me just tell you...I was exhausted when we were finished.  I have probably felt every emotion over the past week with stress leading the race and relief topping off at the  finish line!  I was in bed last night by 8 and fast asleep by 8:20ish.  I will do my duty and not talk about the test, other than...I think my kids did just fine.

What kind of cool things did we do this time to get them motivated for this test?   First of all, we kept them fueled up all day.  My teacher intern made them brownies.  I brought in some Honeynut Cheerios.  They got their typical water, mints, and crackers.  The first grade team made them cute little bookmarks with a pack of smarties attached.  Then my favorite of all, courtesy of the third grade team....
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Note the little rock next to the big rock.  Each child got a lucky rock to hold/rub during the test. :)


Do you have to teach your kids order of operations in math?  Fractions, geometry, etc.? I came across this great video while searching for poems, songs, and videos to help my kids understand.  Click here to watch Mr. Q-U-E sing about PEMDAS.  I'm also including a link to the preview of a lot of his other videos: Click here.   If you have children that like R&B and rap, they will love this!!  Here is the link to his actual website for a list of all the topics he covers. This is good stuff....check it out! 

Last, but of course not least....

Thanks to Emmy over at Daydreams of a Student Teacher!  She has blessed me with the "One Lovely Blog Award."  Once again, I'm honored and humbled.  I've really enjoyed blogging so far.  I'm obsessed with how many hits I get per day and I get excited every time I have a new follower.   I need 49 more followers until my big GIVEAWAY!  WOOHOO!  :)

QUE on.

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  1. I love the rock idea!! We have the same kinds of activities at our the beginning of the year, a primary class is paired with an intermediate! It is so much fun1! We take our writing assessment 6 days after we return from Spring Break! ICK!

    Have a great one!

    Confessions of a Fourth Grade Teacher