Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kings and Queens

Have you ever gotten stopped in the hallway and your kids automatically think that you have become deaf and blind?  Here is the SIMPLEST game for the kids to play quietly while you chat with the principal, run to the restroom, talk to another teacher, etc.  I've tried it on first grade through fifth grade and it works!  (You have to sell it to your fifth graders...but it can be done...I do it with mine!)

                                 KINGS AND QUEENS

1.  The children are all lined up in the hallway.  You tell them that you are looking for the child who is standing up the straightest, hands down to the side, and silent.  You pick one child and they become the KING or QUEEN depending on their gender.

2.  They step out of line and stand in the middle of the hallway.  They look for the next child who they think is the quietest, standing the tallest, etc.  They go and tap that child on the shoulder (no words are exchanged) and then that kid is the new KING OR QUEEN (according to gender) who gets to come out in the middle of the hall and find the next person of royalty.
3.  Continue, until you are ready to move on in the hallway.  Whichever child was the last chosen before it's time to quit, gets to be the king or queen the next game you play.

I know some of you might be non-believers.  Play it with the kids a couple of times, run by you.  You'll be amazed just how much they really dig this SIMPLE, SIMPLE game.  It then becomes common place and everyone will be impressed with how quietly your children are standing in the hall, while you take care of business.  Try it and come back and leave me comments about how it worked for you and your kids. 

P.S.  This is also a great game for those of you who line your kids up to take them to the bathroom. 

Game on.


  1. I LOVE this! You had me from the "deaf and blind" comment! It's so true! I am going to try it this week...thank you so much!

  2. they start a new line or does the king or queen go to the end of the line after another one is chosen.....

    1. Generally my kids are in an order, so I have them go back into their order space. Sometimes I just have them replace the new king or queen. I don't think it really matters, just make sure you stress that they are looking for the quietest and the stillest student! Let me know what you end up doing and how it worked for you! :)

    2. This game is also called "The Quiet Mouse"; however, I am now going to call it Kings and Queens to compliment my royal room theme. Love it!!