Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hands in the Air, Touch Your Toes

While I'm on the topic of games, I thought I'd share another simple oldie, but goodie with y'all.  It's great to use for free time and it's also great when you have been teaching for too long and the kids just need to get up and move.  I often use it as a break during tests, rainy days, and after morning meeting.  It really gets their blood flowing.  It's kind of like Simon Says, but requires even less thinking.   So here it is....

1.  You are the caller and the person that determines whether the students are out or not.  (You of course can get a student to do this if they are mature enough or innocent enough)

2.  You say, "Hands in the Air."  The students all put their hands straight up, high in the air.  Then you say, "Touch your Toes."  The students all bend down and touch their toes (I have them bend down at the waste).  You call this back and forth, and forth and back, and back back and forth forth, trying to trick them.

3.  If the students even FLINCH, they are out and have to go sit in their seat.

4.  Continue on with students still in the game.  The game is over when all of the students are out.

You will find that they get REALLY good at it and you have to be really, really fast at calling it out and switching them up.  I find that sometimes I have to actually look the kid in the eye and call the same thing twice really fast to be able to get them out.  Eventually they will all be out.  You'd be amazed how quickly they get out, but also how much they love playing this game.  They will be begging to do it over and over again.  I often use this game to bribe them to work!  Whatever works! 

Play, and let me know how it worked.  

Play on.


  1. Hi! I noticed that no one had left a comment and so I had to, because I tried this game today, and I teach grade 6s so I thought they might get sick of it but coz it is so quick, they loved it! And they asked to play it again! I got another student to be the judge and he was brutal, which was awesome, but I found the kids were really honest playing it too.
    Thank you for sharing this, and so many other awesome ideas! You have helped me find my motivation again and I loved looking over your blog.
    I look forward to reading more! :)

    1. Thanks for letting me know it was a success! I always wonder if people are actually reading my old posts and trying them out. My kids adore this game. When I taught second they loved it and now my fifth graders love it too! I use this on rainy days, in between subjects, and when I feel like I have just talked them to death! lol Thanks for your kind words! :)