Sunday, February 26, 2012


This Saturday we debuted the new  FIFTH GRADE WRITING BOOT CAMP at our school. It's not the first time that a Saturday writing event has happened, but it's the first time it's happened like this!  :) It was open to all fifth graders on yes....I didn't type it wrong've got it...SATURDAY! I teach in a uniform school where the kids are only allowed to wear sneakers every day. Let me tell you just how badly that kills my girls. If most of them had one fashion wish each day, it would be to be able to wear their boots to school. get them vamped up for the writing test that will be taking place in seven schools days....they were allowed to come to school on Saturday in regular street clothes and their BOOTS!!!! It's not at all what it sounds. We weren't strapping them down and making them do push ups when they gave wrong answers, nor did we cram more information down their throats in a last minute cram session. Instead we ate a yummy breakfast and then broke into four rotations that focus on what seem to be pretty weak areas across the board:

 Station 1: Who is the subject of my land? (Subjects and Predicates)
Station 2: Positively Pronouns
Station 3: "Jokes!" exclaimed Mrs. Hager
Station 4: Here and There, their, and there.

We all had so much fun.  The kids said it was worth coming to school on a Saturday, so you know it had to be fun!  I'd go so far as to say that we "stomped" it! 

Stomp on.

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  1. Could you provide more details about this program? This sounds like a cool idea!