Happy Halloween--Task Card Halloween Haven and FREEBIE

 This year Halloween falls on a Friday.  I'm guessing it's going to weigh right up there with a full moon, so I've been thinking of things to do that are educational, "fun"ctional, and Halloween related.  Lately, my favorite thing to do in my classroom is task cards.  I love using them in stations or my new love and obsession--Scoots.

Directions for a Scoot!
1.  Assign each desk a number.  Put the corresponding task card on that desk.  I have my student put up cubbies around the card (see direction on how to make your own, cheap cubbies below).

2. Students read the card on the desk and put the answer on his/her answer sheet.  You can use the one that comes along with the task cards, or if your copies are limited, you can just use a regular sheet of paper.
3. After approximately 1 minute (may be more or less time depending on your class and the level of difficulty), the teacher calls out the word SCOOT.
4. All children rotate (or scoot to the next desk) in order (you of course determine the order that workds for you and your classroom).
5 Students continue through until all task cards have been answered. 

These are a great, quick assessment !  I've posted all of my latest Halloween task carts/scoots.  Nothing in my store is more than $2!

Click here to check them out!
The following Halloween themed topics for 2-5 are covered:
My best seller--Verb Tenses
Cause and Effect
Fall comparative and superlative adjectives
Conjunctions--coordinating and subordinating
Adjectives and Adverbs
Fact and Opinion
Multiplication Task Cards
5th grade CC aligned decimal review
3rd grade math review
Fall Unknown Factors Multiplication
Fall Unknown Factors Multiplication and Division
Unknown Factors-Multiplication
Addition with regrouping
Fall Unknown Factors- Division

Don't have cubbies?  Make these easy, cheap cubbies to keep your friends from being distracted:

Simple take two file folders, overlap them, and staple--two on the top and two on the bottom.  Voila!  There you have a cubbie/secret keeper/cubicle/office...whatever you want to call it!  :)

One last thing....you know I'm a freebies kind of gal...I wouldn't let you down now.  Head on over to my TPT for a Tic Tac Treat Freebie (simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).  Another great thing to do on Halloween!  

 Spook on!  :)


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