Splat That

SPLAT THAT!  Here is a simple, easy game to review vocabulary, events, people, etc.that I learned in an in-service years ago.  It's making a major come back in my classroom.  What better way to review than with a little healthy competition? 

1.  Put the vocabulary words on the board.  You can put the words on index cards, pieces of paper, sticky notes, make a poster (you could even make a generic poster and laminate it so that you can write the new words on each time you play) or even just write them with an Expo...whatever!
2.  Have two students go up to the board.  Give each student a fly swatter.
3.  Call out the definition to a word.
4.  Students race to "SPLAT" the right word to match the definition you gave.
5.  The student that splats it first stays up at the board and the other sits back down.
6. A new student comes to the front and it all starts again.  I just go around the room in order and make sure that every one gets a turn...sometimes two.  :)

It looks like this:

  You can pick up some pretty cool fly swatters for SUPER cheap at WalMart. I think these were a dollar--maybe two. 

Splat on.