Teacher Appreciation

...on Tuesday! :)

The Treat Cart
My treat!  Not healthy, but low in carbs!
Today I'm linking up with 3-6 Resources to share with you how my school celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week.  Head on over there to become jealous get more ideas on how other schools celebrate. You can also link up and share with us what your school does.  Here's the quick rundown of what happens at my school:  Our principal provides breakfast on Monday.  This year it was Chic-fil-A and some fruit.  :)  Yummy.  (For those of you who have been following me since the beginning, I didn't break my diet...I just stared and drooled a little)  Tuesday, our office staff gives us a treat off of the "treat cart"...one drink and one snack On Wednesday, after the kids get out for early dismissal, we will have a luncheon sponsored by the PTA.  Thursday we get a free lunch from the cafe'.  Friday, our SCA is giving us some goodies (TBA).  The morning show does a quick "I Love My Teacher Because" segment, which is super cute...sometimes even hysterical. The students?  Well, it's pretty rare that we get something from them.  I usually get one or two things. To date, my very favorite gift ever....a manicure/pedicure!  That was an AWESOME surprise!  Budgets are tight, and truly, it's the thought that counts!

Which teacher in your building do you appreciate? 
Speaking of thoughts....this year I'll be giving out warm fuzzies to teachers, staff, etc that I appreciate.  I'm just using pom poms and attaching googly eyes to them.  I'm also giving them mini-letters (click here for your own copy) filled out with why I appreciate them.  It's a simple gesture that means a lot!  Take time to thank the people around you that help you...whether it is a team member, cafeteria staff, office staff, custodial staff, a student, your family ( I know my husband DEFINITELY deserves a warm fuzzy for putting up with all of my blogging and teacher stuff)!!  You can use this any time of year.  It doesn't HAVE to be just for teacher appreciation week.  These warm fuzzies can be used at home, church, school, ANYWHERE!  By the way, if you are reading this post, you get a virtual warm fuzzy for being a supporter!  Thanks, I appreciate you!  :)


  1. Oh!!! I love the warm fuzzy idea! It is so cute and not the same old bucket filler everyone is gonna use. I am totally gonna steal... ah... borrow... it for my kiddos! Thanks!

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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    PS... can you add the logo? I just saw its missing. I am hoping peeps will start to recognize it eventually like a currently.

  2. I know this has nothing to do with the post, but I have to say that I found your blog on a pinterest link and so far nearly everything I've seen has been linked!

    I just got my first teaching job for next year, 5th grade math! I'm looking forward to it and seeing if I can get a few of your great ideas in place :)

  3. i love your ideas.. their awesome...im your newest follower... drop by

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  4. CONGRATS!!! Your name was the one drawn out of the hat! You won the bloggy makeover!!!

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  5. I appreciate you! I'm your oldest and biggest fan! :)

  6. Awesome! Hey, I just added your button to my site, you can check it out here if you'd like. http://theresourcefulteacher.com/index.php/blogs-we-love

  7. I love the fuzzy thank you note! Thanks for sharing!!


  8. Love the warm fuzzies. I'm passing on a blogger award. Stop by and check it out!