Monday, March 26, 2012

Survey Says Linky

 LOL I absolutely love the blogging world! I have gotten to stalk read and get to know so many of you as teachers and tiny tidbits of who you are personally from short bios.  I want to get to know you even better!  I remember back in my email/myspace days there were surveys that went around almost daily.  I've created a fun little survey-linky for my bloggy friends. Take a little time out of your hectic day for a mindless post that everyone will enjoy just the same!  What I'd like for you to do is copy and paste my questions, fill in your answers, then add one new question to the bottom of your blog...oh, and of course link your survey back to my page! I definitely want to read your responses as well! 

Here goes...

1.  Are you married, do you have a bf, or are you flying free as a single lady/man?
Married to a wonderful man named Mark.

2.  Where did you grow up?
All over the place.  I was an army brat.  I call southwest Virginia home though.

3.  Do you have any pets?  If so, what kind and what is his/her name?
Yes.  Bailey the Superdog!

4. What is a favorite tv show you are embarrassed to admit to watching?
The Housewives of _____________ (all of them).  I know, I know...but it makes me feel like my life is sooooo drama free!  

5.  Are you a saver or a spender?
I'm a spender, but I'm also a bargain shopper! 

6.  What is your favorite children's book?
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...always has been, always will be!  :)

7.  Were you the class clown, teacher's pet, or neither?
I was never the teacher's pet.  I talked too much.  So I'd pick somewhere between class clown and neither.

8.  Who is your favorite athletic team?
Virginia Tech Football...Let's Go Hokies!!!

9.  Where did you go on your last REALLY fun vacation?
Key West last summer with three of my besties!!

10.  Who is your favorite actor?  Actress?
Actor-Justin Timberlake (lol...he and I have been in love for years)  Actress-Julia Roberts

11.  Tell about the last time you cried because you were happy.
The day we did the writing test and the prompt was an easy one.  I was sooooo stressed because it was my first time testing writing....such relief!

12.  What is your favorite season?
Fall-I love football season, fall wine festivals, pumpkins, decorating for Halloween, apples, cider, pumpkin lattes, and the leaves!

13.  What is your biggest regret?
That I didn't start taking care of my body years ago!  Oh, and that I didn't start a 403B when I first started teaching.  ***Take note all of you spring chickens!

14.  What food do you just NOT like at all?
Brussel sprouts....I used to get in trouble with brussel sprouts when I was young.  One time I fed them to the dog under the table and he threw up.  The second time I put them in a napkin and took them to the bathroom to  flush them and the toilet overflowed.  Brussel sprouts and I DO NOT get along.


15. Who was your most memorable teacher, and why?
Mine was my fifth grade teacher, Miss Thomas.  She taught me how to read well. She was kind and I remember quite a few games, contests, and books that she read to us.  I just loved her. 

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  1. Fun! I linked up! You can find the survey under my About Me page! :)


  2. What a fun Linky! I am new to the blogging world and am your newest follower. Yay for upper grades!

  3. Thanks for organizing this! We do have a lot in common!! :)

  4. Being the newbie and making invisible bacon... what is a 403B? (Invisible bacon - You know how people bring home the bacon? Well hubby asked where mine was, I told him its invisible. =P)

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. A tax sheltered annuity(retirement plan). I'm kicking myself that I didn't set up a $50 a month 403 when I first started! Here's some more info on it!,,id=172430,00.html

      Are you not linking? Sniff, sniff. :)

  5. Thanks for a fun linky!! I enjoyed doing this and have had fun reading others!

    3rd Grade Times

  6. That was fun!!!! Thanks :)


  7. I loved this linky, what a fun idea! I linked up!

  8. Thanks for hosting! Linked up and I'm a new follower.

  9. Okay, so I'm sold on visiting the US in Fall. The idea of a full on Halloween makes me feel like I'm missing out on some serious dressing up.

    Thank you for hosting this fun Linky Party x
    Daydreams of a Student Teacher