Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adventures to Fitness

Rainy day?  Kids need to get their wiggles out?  Forget the old days of Silent Ball and Heads Up 7 Up!  Adventures to Fitness is the way to go!!  I know many of you have heard of this.  I was introduced to it last year when I stumbled upon Josh's post over at Mr. B's Beach Brains.  I immediately signed up and then...forgot about it.  About a week later, my PE teacher sent out the link and I decided the next rainy day we would do it....then I forgot about it and got in to Wii Dance instead.  This year I promised myself we would check it out and boy, let me tell you, I am so glad I did.  My kids LOVE IT!!!  My colleagues' kids LOVE IT!!  It's like being in a video game, getting a work out,  and learning all the the while.  If you haven't been using Adventures to Fitness, check it out! You do have to sign up, but there is no cost to you.  It's worth it....100%  Below is a video of my kids enjoying their indoor recess:

Move on.


  1. This is awesome! I get so bummed on rainy or cold days that my kids won't get any activity and will have total cabin fever--perfect antidote :)

    The Wild Rumpus

  2. Thanks for this! I can't wait to try it.. I almost want a rainy day!!!! ;)

  3. My kids love this! We don't get to do it that often, so it is total excitement when we do!

    Third Grade in the First State

  4. I am super excited to do this in my class! We have a lot of times when we can't go out for recess because of the weather and the kids will love this!