Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to School Night

Last night was Back to School Night for my school.  Of course this time is designed to make sure our parents are "in the know" about what happens in the fifth grade.   We do a PowerPoint and go over the EXTREMELY condensed version of the curriculum, upcoming field trips, what's expected of them, etc. Blah, blah, blah.  This is also a great time for our kids to showcase their work.  I always make sure that the hallway is decked out and there is something on their desks that they are proud of to share with their parents.  Here are a couple of projects we show off:
Shades of summer: In Writer's Workshop the kids write at least two paragraphs about what they did this summer.  They publish their work and then make these awesome faces to go along with the writing.  They draw  pictures representing the writing in the shades.  Quite funny!

Mrs. Hager's Fifth Graders Are Starting Off on the Right Foot:  The right foot is traced and then they draw their foot just like they see it.  The kids do a nametag glyph to go under each of their right feet. 

Bio Poems and Silouettes:  The students create their Bio Poems and then make thier own silouettes.  We did this activity when I was younger.  This is when I realized that I had no chin from the profile view!  lol

Paper Class: My favorite part of Back to School Night is the fake class. You let the kids trace each other onto bulletin board paper (or you trace them yourself), then you let them design themselves. When finished you tape them up in their seats so that when the parents walk in they see a class full of fake kids. It cracks me up every year!! The parents love it, but even more...the kids love it. Here are a couple of my faves from the 5th grade:

What great ideas do you have for Back to School Night??? 


  1. I'm just curious how far into the year you have this back to school night? I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your ideas!!! ours this year was a bust. 3 parents showed up to my class. we are hoping to change things up to make this a fun event next year that parents want to come to, and not avoid.
    fifth grade with mrs. j.

    1. Thanks! :) We started school after Labor Day. I send a reminder home the day before. I also tell the kids that they don't have to do homework that night AND they get a Back to School homework pass. I had 16 out of 24 this year. I was excited! :) I had one mom tell me that her son kept nagging her and she wasn't pleased to be there, but was glad she came! lol