Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sentence Variety: 5Ws & H

After reading through paper, after paper, after paper in preparation for the infamous fifth grade writing test next week, we found that our kids were having some serious issues with sentence variety.  Not only the length of sentences, but how the sentences started: He...he...he....he....he.  (I'm DEFINITELY NOT laughing!!)  We did another Beth Estill inspired lesson to brush up as a quick reminder. I took the sentence 'Susan danced blissfully down the hall because she was so happy' and wrote it on chart paper and color coded it with marker according to our big triangles.   Then, we switched the sentence around using different 5W and H beginnings.  The kids came up and color coded with the smelly markers (my kids LOVE the smelly markers...they seem to be much smarter and willing to participate with marker in hand). Afterwards, they did their own sentences at their desks. This is a great way to use those 5Ws & H triangles from the Show Me Wallet I showed on a previous post.  Great little formative assessment.  Here is what to do:

1.  Pass out the sentences that were copied onto card stock paper and cut up. 
2.  Have the students create a complete sentence with the four pieces they've been given.  Make sure they know that the capital letter and the punctuation do not HAVE to be in their normal place. 
3.  Have them pair-share their sentences. 
4.  Have student take out their Show Me Wallet 5Ws and an H pieces. 
5.  Have students label their sentences with the appropriate triangles. 
6. Let them pair up and correct each other's sentences first.  Let them make changes if needed.
7.  Have them switch the sentence up again.  Repeat.

Switch on.

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  1. I love this idea and I plan to use it.. Thanks for sharing..