Meet The Teacher

I have been teaching for what seems like FOREVER (this will be my 14th year)!! Good news...I still LOVE it! This is my second year as a fifth grade teacher. I have taught 2.5 years of second grade, 10.5 of fourth, and two in fifth. Fifth seems to my far.

I was an army brat, so I grew up all around the world. My dad retired in Roanoke,
VA, so I call that my home. I received both my undergraduate and masters degrees from Radford University in southwest Virginia. Wooohooo, Highlanders! In my spare time, I love scrapbooking, dancing, facebooking (I like to think of it as a hobby), hanging out with my friends, catching up on DVR homework, and most recently blogging. I'm a die-hard Virginia Tech Hokies fan, which is only a problem once a year in my household...when Va Tech plays Ga Tech. We're a house divided!

I've been happily married to the love of my life and best friend for almost six years now. My husband and I share a love for travel. In the last six years, we have been to
Jamaica, San Francisco, Atlanta, Charlotte, Hilton Head, Duck, Nags Head, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Orlando, Tampa, Panama City Beach, Indian Shores, Jacksonville, Key West, and the Eastern Shore of VA. We also enjoy college football, board games, Guitar Hero, movies, and watching multiple tv shows together. We just work! :)

This is the Super Dog, Bailey. We don't have any kids, but we treat her just like one! Even though she looks like she is being tortured, she really is SPOILED SILLY! She does lots of tricks and loves to snuggle. She rocks!