Saturday, October 5, 2013

You've Got it in the Bag!

As most of you know, I'm all about playing games in the classroom.  If I'm bored, then they are bored, and sadly....I bore easily.  This is an easy and cheap, but fun game that kids can play when reviewing for an assessment.  It does require your putting a couple of things together, but it won't take more than five minutes to prepare, and you'll have it for the life of the bag.

Educational Game--Review

 Preparing the game:
1.  Print off these templates from my google docs.
(BTW, when you look at the doc in google docs, it doesn't look right, but it does download right.  Weird.)
2.  Collect three grocery bags from your local grocer.
3.  Glue the 100 template to one bag, the 200 to another, and the 300 to another.
4.  Bring in a small ball, around the size of a tennis/baseball. If you don't have one and don't want to buy one, take a couple of sheets of paper and ball them up.
5.  Gather a list of questions to ask the students for review.

1.   Line the bags up one behind the other (you determine how far apart the bags should be and where they should stand to shoot the ball according to your student's age and skill).
2.  Divide the class into teams (this can vary...I use two)
3.  Ask Team A, student 1 a question.  If the answer is incorrect, nothing happens and you move on to the next team.  If the answer is correct he/she gets 100 points on the scoreboard for getting it right.  That student then has the opportunity to shoot the ball into whichever bag he/she would like (100, 200, or 300).  If the student misses, no points are awarded.  If the ball goes in the bag, the student's team receives the amount of points on the outside of the bag.
4.  Repeat with Team B, student 1 and so on.
5.  At the end, we add up all the points to determine the winning team.  Of course, in the upper grades, the students will have been doing mental math all along. 

Bag on.