Wednesday, May 22, 2013

HELP ME...if I've helped you!!

Have I shared an idea with you that has impacted your student's learning in a positive way?  Have you benefited from something I've created or shown?  I'm currently pursuing my National Boards and would like to use this blog as one of my accomplishments.  I have to verify with documentation that this accomplishment shows me as a learner, leader, and collaborator; what better way to show than an email from one of you providing me with some positive feedback?  If you are willing to write an email (doesn't have to be long, but does have to be convincing) about how I have collaborated, helped, inspired, shared, etc through this blog and some how what I have shared has helped your students in some way, please send it to and tell me all about it.  Please! Please!  Please!  :)  I would greatly appreciate it!  The sooner I'm done with these boards, the sooner I'm back to blogging!  :)

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